As the 191st General Court begins another two-year session, I want to take a moment to reflect on what we achieved the 190th session, and the work that remains. As always, I am grateful for your support and confidence, and I am proud to represent our communities in the Massachusetts State Senate.

2018 was a big year. I was honored to receive the 2018 Friends of Children Man of the Year Award, as well as the YMCA Legislative Champion Award. Throughout the year, the State Senate was hard at work forming legislation to improve the lives of residents across the Commonwealth. If you’d like to read about all that we achieved in my first 100 days, please visit

Since October alone, we have passed legislation to:

  • Extend unemployment insurance for the workers locked out by National Grid and their families
  • Advance personal financial literacy by establishing standards for educational institutions to incorporate financial literacy in their curriculum
  • End gender discrimination in disability insurance
  • Protect children, families, and firefighters from harmful chemicals and flame retardants
  • Create a Municipal Naloxone Bulk Purchase Trust Fund to allow cities, towns, nonprofits, and Sheriff Departments to purchase lifesaving medication
  • Require all schools in Massachusetts to include civics education, preparing students for active citizenship
  • Invest in struggling community health centers through the Health Safety Net Trust Fund
  • Include the Institute of Contemporary Art on the Boston Arts Commission to add to the diversity of perspectives on the Commission
  • Protect workers and first responders in the workplace

While I am proud of all that we have accomplished, I am aware that there is more work to do. I’m excited to get back to work, and will be announcing my full legislative agenda soon. Here are just a few priorities of mine:

  • Addressing income inequality in our city and state by connecting all residents of Boston to the economic opportunities, increasing access, and breaking down barriers
  • Improving public transportation by addressing not just day-to-day service and reliability, but also the long term financial, environmental, and physical wellbeing of the system
  • Fighting for environmental justice throughout our city by investing in green jobs, infrastructure, and protecting our public spaces
  • Advocating for more affordable housing across our city and state
  • Continuing our commitment to improving our public schools & investing in our children’s future

Thank you for your continued support, and please continue to use our office as a resource if you have any questions or input. I am honored to represent you at the State House and look forward to our continued collaboration.