Votes to Secure Fair Access to Solar for Communities with Health Disparities

BOSTON- Recently, State Senator Nick Collins and the Massachusetts State Senate passed An Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future. The legislation sets short and long term goals for renewable energy standards, greenhouse gas emission reductions, job creation in the green-energy economy, and real public health metrics.

Provisions in the bill address sustainable energy sources in many ways, including lifting the cap on solar net metering, authorizing an increase in hydropower and offshore wind procurement, establishing market-based limits on greenhouse-gas emissions, and setting ambitious statewide goals for the storage and sourcing of energy.

“This bill reflects our commitment as a Commonwealth to create healthy communities for future generations by controlling pollution, creating jobs in the innovative industries of tomorrow, and diversifying our energy portfolio” said Senator Nick Collins.

The first-term Democratic Senator also voted for a specific provision that ensures fair access to clean energy for those communities most impacted by environmental health disparities.

“By establishing environmental justice safeguards, we can begin to address many of the underlying causes of these unacceptable health and access inequities” said Senator Collins. “Protection from pollution, meaningful involvement in the process, and access to affordable renewable energy are cornerstones of clean and healthy communities that must be guaranteed for all residents.”

The bill will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.