State Representative Nick Collins filed an amendment to the budget proposal currently before the House of Representatives to increase essential funding for the Boston Fire Department (BFD).

The amendment funds BFD training sessions, which will better equip firefighters to respond to incidents involving the release of hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction.

The budget amendment also funds the BFD Training Academy, which prepares firefighters to respond to emergency situations brought along by a wide variety of incidents, ranging from natural disasters to acts of terrorism.

Rep. Collins has fought to secure funding for these BFD training sessions in each of the past three budgets.

“Boston, a hub for biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, is home to thousands of labs including a level 4 bio-lab in the heart of our city,” said Rep. Collins.  “We need to make sure Boston Fire Fighters are armed with the necessary training to respond to a hazmat call or, worse, a terrorist attack.  Securing these funds will ensure that they get that training.”

The amendment seeks to secure approximately $2 million for these programs and will be heard during the budget debate before the full House at the end of April.