This editorial originally appeared in the Dorchester Reporter on April 19th, 2018:

Over her 14 years as a candidate for state offices, this newspaper never endorsed former State Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry in this space for one simple reason: She’s my wife. An endorsement would have been awkward and wildly inappropriate, and we went to great pains to avoid such conflicts.

She is no longer in elected life so I can now say without reservation that had there been no family ties, she would have certainly been our choice. And she did our neighborhoods proud.

Her successor will be chosen on May 1. Rep. Nick Collins, a Democrat, faces two unenrolled candidates, Althea Garrison and Donald Osgood, Sr. I’ll be voting for Nick Collins as I did on April 3. He has demonstrated that he is a reliable ally on issues that matter to our communities— from transforming the Fairmount Line to a rapid transit corridor and investing in improvements to Morrissey Boulevard to pushing UMass officials to make the Dorchester campus a priority.

He is a diligent and forthright public servant and he’ll be an asset to Dorchester and Mattapan in the state Senate. He has earned our support.

By Bill Forry
April 19, 2018